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Mold and Schools

Friday, March 18th, 2011

When you think about the current issues surrounding our schools, you probably think about test scores and graduation rates. But there is another risk lurking in the shadows – mold.

This article outlines the signs and risk factors of mold as well as some helpful prevention techniques to keep your school safe.

Mold has been linked to repertory health issues such as asthma – the leading cause of schools absences – and has been known to irritate the eyes, nose, throat, skin and lungs. Mold can also trigger allergic reaction in certain situations.

You may think your school is safe, but mold can grow on almost anything, including wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation. All mold needs to grow is oxygen, water and a source of food.

A little moisture can result in a lot of mold and the water needed to promote mold growth can enter schools in a number of ways – leaky roofs, pipes, windows, foundations, floods, poor drainage, or mis-directed sprinklers.

However, you can protect yourself with a few simple steps. If you control the moisture, you can control the mold.

Conduct regular building inspections to look for signs of mold, moisture and leaks and immediately problems to your maintenance staff.

Another way to combat mold issues is to keep the relative humidity of the building around 50% and remember to ventilate bathrooms, locker rooms and other moisture-generating sources.

You should also establish policies that restrict moisture-generating activities such as carpet cleaning (unless moisture removing equipment is used).

For more helpful tips to keep your schools mold free, please call Atlantic Environmental Solutions at 877-296-6653 or 410-296-6653 or click here!

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